7.6" Fossil Oreodont (Merycoidodon) Skull - Wyoming

This is a large, 7.6" long skull of an Oreodont (Merycoidodon culbertsoni). It was collected from the Brule Formation in Wyoming and would be approximately 30-34 million years old. Portions of this skull/jaw have been restored where the bone wasn't recovered or was crushed beyond repair. The most notable spots of restoration are located at the anterior portion of the skull/jaw, both rami, the nuchal crest and both zygomatic arches. The remaining restoration is primarily in the form of gap fill. About 80% of the teeth are natural, with the majority of restored teeth at the anterior end of the skull (canines and incisors).

As the skull was repaired, a rock-like material was placed into the open cavities where rock has been removed.

Oreodonts are an extinct mammal most closely related to camels and pigs. They have no close relatives living today. They were herbivorous, with short faces and fang-like canine teeth. About the size of a sheep, they roamed the plains of North America in huge numbers during the Oligocene period.
Merycoidodon culbertsoni
Niobrara County, Wyoming
Brule Formation
7.6" long, 5" tall
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