3-4" Unopened Quartz Geode From Morocco - 3 Pack

If you want us to crack the geodes for you with our specialized geode cracker, please make a note of it in the order instructions during checkout. If you don't let us know we will assume you want to receive them uncracked. The pictures above are representative examples, not the actual geodes you will receive.

Experience the thrill of opening your own geode and being the first person to glimpse the glimmering, crystal treasures inside. These are whole, uncracked quartz geodes. They range from about 3" to 4" inches wide and most are odd shaped, not spherical.

You can either receive them unbroken or we can crack the geodes for you with our special geode cracker. Using the geode cracker will result in a much cleaner break and less chance of fracturing than trying to open them with a hammer. If you have us crack them for you, we'll rubber band them so that you can still be the first to open them up.

Geodes are hollow rocks lined with crystals or other minerals. These geodes are formed in gas bubbles trapped in volcanic rocks as hydrothermal fluids deposited minerals inside.
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3" to 4"