2.85" Polished Swazi Jade (Nephrite) Sphere - South Africa

This is a 2.85" wide polished sphere that was formed from green jade var. nephrite. The jade was collected from Swaziland, South Africa. This sphere features neat patterns and a waxy green coloration throughout. There are also small spots of pyrite with excellent metallic luster peppered throughout this sphere.

Comes with the pictured display stand.

Jade is a silicate mineral that is best known for its green varieties, the most common of which are jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is a variety of jade that's primarily composed of silicon, calcium and magnesium while nephrite contains silicon, sodium and aluminum. For thousands of years, jade has been used for ornamental purposes and as tools due to its relative strength and durability.
Jade var. Nephrite & Pyrite
Swazliand, Southern Africa
2.85" wide