2.4" Botryoidal Orpiment - Peru

This is a beautiful specimen of bright orange, botryoidal orpiment from Peru. The orpiment has a rich orange coloration, and the underside of the specimen contains portions of realgar crystals. It measures 2.4" long and would make an excellent addition to any mineral collection.

Orpiment a bright, orange to yellow arsenic sulfide mineral, whose name is derived from the latin phrase auripigmentum meaning “gold pigment” It is frequently found as a decay byproduct and in association with another arsenic mineral, realgar. Orpiment crystals are commonly found in dense groupings containing small, prismatic crystals, often with chisel-shaped or triangular pyramidal terminations.

Orpiment contains a significant amount of the poisonous mineral arsenic. While it’s not going to pose a health hazard sitting on a shelf, it’s recommended that you wash your hands after handling it.
Orpiment & Realgar
Quiruvilca District, Santiago de Chuco Province, Peru
2.4" long, 1.1" wide