19" Prasiolite (Green Quartz) Geode With Metal Stand - Uruguay

This is a rather unusual specimen of prasiolite (aka green quartz) from the amethyst mines near Artigas, Uruguay. It features "stalactite" crystal formations and the edges of the "rind" have been polished to reveal even more beauty. We can pretty much guarantee this incredible piece will look even better in person than in the photos.

Prasiolite is a green variety of quartz that only naturally occurs in a few locations. It is formed when amethyst bearing rocks are heated by nearby lava flows or intrusions. It's often marketed under the name, green amethyst though that is technically incorrect as by definition amethyst is purple in color.
Quartz var prasiolite
Artigas, Uruguay
19" tall, 19.1" wide, 25.3" tall on stand