Lot: 2-3.5" Veracruz Amethyst Clusters - 15 Pieces

This is a wholesale lot of 15 gorgeous, amethyst crystal clusters from Las Vigas, Mexico. The amethyst has often been misidentified as coming from Veracruz, Mexico leading to it commonly being referred to as Veracruz amethyst. Due to violence and instability in the region this material is getting much harder to acquire recently.

The clusters in this lot range from 2 to 3.5" wide with individual points on the clusters up to an inch long. At the wholesale price, it works out to about $30 per cluster and they can easily retail for 2-3 times this on average.

Las Vigas amethyst crystals are found in several locations around the Piedra Parada village within Vera Cruz, Mexico. The crystals are contained inside solid vesicles within various andesite rock formations throughout the mountainous region. There are several mines throughout the andesitic rock formations that include La Cascada, La Callejones, El Bordo, La Flor, Ensenal, Los Volcanes, Torrecellas, La Mina Grande and La Loma. These mines are worked by the owners of the land and the villagers of the region, making up the majority of their income. Most of these mines are only accessible through old hiking trails.
Quartz var. Amethyst
Las Vigas, Mexico
15 pieces, 2 to 3.5" wide