Wholesale Box: 2-3" Fossil Calymene Trilobite - 450 Pieces

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This is a wholesale box of 450 real Calymene trilobite fossils in nodule form from the Anti-Atlas Region of Morocco. These trilobites are preserved as internal molds within the sandstone formation and are fairly common making them a very inexpensive trilobite fossil for their size. Most range in size from 2-3" in length.

These trilobites have often been referred to as Flexicalymene ouzregui but the genus/species names are been continuously in flux. Many of these specimens have some minor repair, usually just to glue them back together as they are often found in pieces.

You will receive the exact lot pictured.

At this wholesale price, each trilobite nodule is $3.27 and can easily retail for much more. These are perfect for gifts, educational programs, and for resale.
Flexicalymene Sp.
450 pieces, Most 2-3" long