10.5" Lower Turonian Fossil Fish - Goulmima, Morocco

This is a beautifully preserved 10.5" long fossil fish from the Lower Turonian aged marine deposits near the town of Goulmima, Morocco. While the locality has been known since the 1990's not much material has appeared on the market until recently. The fish are typically preserved in nodules, and the species and preservation are rather similar to the Albian aged fish faunas of Brazil.

The fish is preserved in a fairly 3D manner and a lot of detail is present including many of the small scales and fins. These fish are found in concretions, prepared with acid and mechanical tools and then often remounted for display purposes. There is some restoration along a repaired crack near the tail.

I'm not confident on the ID of this fish due to the lack of literature I can find, so I left it as unidentified. I've linked to the papers I can find below.

Nouveaux Teleostei du gisement du turonien inférieur de Goulmima Maroc.pdf

Fishes fromTuronian of Goulmima,supposed and direct evidence of trophic relationships within the marine fish community from the Lower Turonian of Goulmima,Morocco.pdf

Asfla, Goulmima, Morocco
10.5" long on 11.7x4.4" rock
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